Bubble Witch 2

bubble witch 2 saga

Bubble Witch 2 Saga  is new game. It is tile-matching puzzle game currently having more than 1000 levels. The levels are divided in episodes. The first episode have 10 levels, next four episode have 15 levels and other episodes have 20 levels each. Each episodes have different items like Cloud Bubble, Black Hole, Black Bubble, Frobble, Bat Bubble, Cursed Bubble, Bubble Wheel, Chameleon Bubble, Ice Bubble, Bubble Bomb, Carnivorous Plant, Line Blast Bubble, Bubble Mill, Zen Bubble and Dragon Egg.

The basic purpose of this game is to break 2 or more bubbles of same color to Free the Ghost, to Clear the Top, to Save the Animals and to Defeat Morgana. Each level have to be completed in given number of moves.


Classic (Clear the Top): Clear ceiling bubbles at the top.


Free the Ghost:  Save the ghost, which stuck in the middle of all the bubbles.


Save the Animals: Save the amount of animals.


Defeat Morgana: Break all of the Morgana shields to defeat Morgana.