Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1194 Tips And Walkthrough Video


Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1194


  • 19


  • You have to bring home 2 Pufflers than Cupcake Carl!


  • 1 star = 10,000 points
  • 2 star = 63,000 points
  • 3 star = 69,000 points

Level Type:

  • Medium


Combine wrapped with striped candy or 2 striped candy to break cupcake blocker, cotton clouds and frosting to find pufflers. Then break more cotton clouds, cupcake blockers, liquorice swirls and frosting to find pufflers. Then make lots of special candies, you will get extra moves after making every special candy. Then combine special candies to break remaining cotton clouds, cupcake blockers, more liquorice swirls and frosting to find pufflers. Fish candies will fall from special candies cannon, use them to break more liquorice swirls and remaining frosting to find all pufflers before Cupcake Carl. Find whole pufflers to collect it. If you find a part only, it will move and will hide somewhere else. If pufflers moves, play close attention where they are going.

Liquorice Lock Liquorice Swirl Three Layered Cupcake
Four Layered Cupcake Five Layered Cupcake
One Layered Cotton Cloud Two Layered Cotton Cloud Three Layered Cotton Cloud
Lollipop Hammer Striped Lollipop Hammer
Color Bomb Lollipop Hammer Wrapped Lollipop Hammer
Other Features
Liquorice Swirl & Candy Cannon Special Candies Cannon
Special Candies
Fish Candy Striped Candy Wrapped Candy
Color Bomb Coloring Candy Combination

Walkthrough Video:


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