Candy Crush Saga Special Candies

Special Candies:

It has powerful effects. Once matched, it’s power will destroy more candies, blockers and increase scores. You have to make special candies during game play, sometimes it will fall from candy cannon and sometimes it will be given on board. There are 3 types of special candies which are as follows: Striped Candy:  It clear row or column. It is created by matching 4 candies of same color in vertical or horizontal. Difficult to create than fish candy. striped candy Striped candy can be made with 7 different colors which are as follows: Dark blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow colors. light blue striped candy vertical light blue striped candy horizontal green striped candy vertical green striped candy horizontal  orange striped candy horizontal red striped candy vertical red striped candy horizontal purple striped candy vertical purple striped candy horizontal orange striped candy vertical yellow striped candy horizontal yellow striped candy vertical Wrapped Candy: It clear square twice (3 x 3 area). It is created by matching 45 candies of same color in L or T shape. Difficult to create than striped candy. wraped candy Wrapped candy can be made with 7 different colors which are as follows: Dark blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow colors. red wrapped candy purple wrapped candy orange wrapped candy light blue wrapped candy green wrapped candy yellow wrapped candy Color Bomb: It will clear all candies of same color. It is created by matching 5 candies of same color in vertical or horizontal.  Difficult to create than wrapped candy. color bomb

Combination of Special Candies:

When 2 special candies are activated, it will produce powerful effects more by activating it one by one. There are total 6 special candies combination. Striped Candy + Striped Candy: It destroys the row and column centered on the candy that was swapped. candy-crush-saga-striped-candy-striped-candy Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy: It destroys 3 rows and 3 columns centered on the candy that was swapped. candy-crush-saga-striped-candy-wrapped-candy Striped Candy + Color Bomb: It transforms all candies into striped candies of same color of striped candy. The directions of their stripes will vary. All of them then clear their respective rows/columns. candy-crush-saga-striped-candy-color-bomb Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy: It destroys 24 candies in a (5 x 5) area. Explodes once again in (5 x 5) area. candy-crush-saga-wrapped-candy-wrapped-candy Wrapped Candy + Color Bomb: It transforms all candies into wrapped candies of same color of wrapped candy. It destroys (3 x 3) area. candy-crush-saga-wrapped candy-color-bomb Color Bomb + Color Bomb: It clear every candy and blockers on board. Multi layers blockers will strip off one layer. candy-crush-saga-color-bomb-color-bomb

Combination of Special Candies & Booster:

When 1 special candy and 1 booster are activated, it will produce powerful effects. There are total 6 special candies & booster combination. Fish Candy + Striped Candy: Fish candy becomes striped candy and destroy a line of tile. The direction of the striped fish depends on the direction of the striped candy. candy-crush-saga-fish-candy-striped-candy Fish candy + Wrapped Candy: Fish candy becomes wrapped candy and destroy (3 x 3) area around target tile. candy-crush-saga-fish-candy-wrapped-candy Fish Candy + Color Bomb: It transforms all candies into fish candies of fish candy color and activates them. candy-crush-saga-fish-candy-color-bomb Coconut Wheel + Striped Candy: It turns three normal candies into striped candies, then teleports back and turns up another three candies on the same row/column into striped candies and activates. candy-crush-saga-striped-candy-coconut-wheel Coconut Wheel + Wrapped Candy: The coconut wheel follows the full path vertically or horizontally, depending on the way you switched it and will convert the whole row/column into wrapped candies and then activates. candy-crush-saga-wrapped-candy-coconut-wheel Coconut Wheel + Color Bomb: After, the coconut wheel will scroll in whatever direction was made and makes a full line of vertical/horizontal striped candies. Every candy scrolled past is converted into a striped candy candy-crush-saga-color-bomb-coconut-wheel