Dreamworld is similar like Candy Crush Saga video game. It’s requirement is to complete 50 levels in order to access Dreamworld. The new thing you will find is the Odus owl, having two colors candies on Odus’s perch. You have to balance by matching other color candy on the opposite side of his perch. If you match same color candy for too long, Odus will fall off the moon and the game will be over. If you balance the moon, there will be Moon Struck, it will remove the candies of two colors that were on the moon. You will not have to keep Odus the Owl balanced during your Moonstruck moves. It currently having more than 500 levels. The levels are divided in episodes. The first two episodes have 10 levels each and other episodes have 15 levels each.

Each episodes have different items like Meringue, Liquorice Swirls, Marmalade, Chocolates, Time Bomb Candies, Multi-Layered Icing Blocks, Liquorice Locks, Jelly Cake and others. There are different color candies like red jelly bean, orange lozenge, yellow lemon drop, green chiclets, blue lollipop head and purple cluster. The basic purpose of this game is to swipe position of two adjacent candies vertical or horizontal to create sets of 3 – 5 candies of same color to Break Jellies, to Reach Certain Score, to Bring Down Ingredients to the Bottom or to Collect Certain Amount of Candies, Special Candies or Combination of Special Candies. Each level have to be completed in given number of moves or time limit. Special candies can be made by combining 4 or 5 candies of same color in certain formation, such as “Striped Candy” by combining 4 same color candies, “Wrapped Candy” by combining 5 same color candies in L or T shape and “Color Bomb” by combining 5 same color candies.



Special Candies Combinations:

special candies combination


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