Farm Heroes Saga Booster


It is an item that can simplify the game play in a level and help the player advance to the next level. There are different kinds of boosters. It can be activated before, during or after completing a level. With the exception of the Farm Club all boosters can be used more than once on a move and also be combined. Boosters can be awarded by recruiting Farm Club animals which is one of three ways to get more than one of a kind. Shovels:  It remove cropsies, cracks eggs, grows flowers, fill buckets. farm-heroes-saga-level-shovels   Tractor: It drives over a row, removing all elements in its path. farm-heroes-saga-level-tractor Turbo Tractor: It removes 3 lines of cropsies at once. farm-heroes-saga-level-turbo-tractor   Bonus Rewards: It gives all required elements a +1 bonus. farm-heroes-saga-level-bonus   Color Collector: It removes all elements of a single color. farm-heroes-saga-level-color-collector Clean Up: It turn all grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies. farm-heroes-saga-level-clean-up Super Fruits: It collects all nearby cropsies and add +2 to their value. farm-heroes-saga-level-super-fruit Amelia’s Airdrop:  It add 6 cropsies of one type to the board. farm-heroes-saga-level-amelia-drop Egg Crackers: It cracks all unopened eggs. farm-heroes-saga-level-egg-cracker 5 Extra Moves (+5): It gives you 5 extra moves at beginning of level. farm-heroes-saga-level-5-extra-moves 3 Extra Moves (+3): It is available for gold bars only. farm-heroes-saga-level-3-extra-moves 2 Extra Moves (+2): It is a special booster that you may get as a gift from friends and adds 2 moves to a level. farm-heroes-saga-level-2-extra-moves