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A booster is an item used to simply games. Some boosters are activate at the start of the game play and some boosters are activated during the game play. Boosters are listed below:

Lollipop Hammer

It is a booster that the player can use to remove a single candy, a jelly below a candy, or a blocker without using a move. You can smash once into any spaces (with or without candy) or most blockers. For example, if you hit a multilayered icing, it will remove one layer. Smashing a candy which is not covered by jelly is worth 20 points. You cannot smash a square without blockers or a candy on it (even if there is jelly, web version only), and you cannot smash a chocolate spawner, toffee tornado, ingredient, sugar chest, candy cane fence or candy cane curls. When it is used to break a lucky candy or mystery candy, the content will be revealed. When it is used to break a special candy, the candy will be activated.Unlocked on Level 7.

Extra Moves (+5)

Adds up 5 extra moves at the start of the level. This booster cannot be obtained in any way other than using gold or by spinning a wheel. Unlocked on Level 8.

Jelly Fish

Give you at the start of the level. Destroy blockers and eat chocolate or color bomb. This booster can only be used in jelly levels and mixed levels. It is activated right before entering the level. Unlocked on Level 9.

Color Bomb

It can be used in all level types. Activation is done right before entering a level. The booster simply adds a color bomb somewhere on the board at the start of the level. Unlocked on Level 13.

Coconut Wheel

Coconut Wheel, also known as Coconut Liquorice, is a booster in Candy Crush Saga. The booster can only be used in ingredients levels and mixed mode levels (Flash only) and is activated right before entering the level. Sometimes it will spawn more than once in a level, thus making this booster even more useful for ingredients levels that have lots of ingredients, but have a straightforward path. It converts 3 candies into special stripped candies. Unlocked on Level 15.

Free Switch

It can switch any two candies that do not match, as long as they are adjacent to each other. Unlocked on Level 19.


Using this booster will summon a UFO that puts 3 wrapped candies on the board (typically near blockers, jellies, or under ingredients) and sets them off. Unlocked on Level 21.

Extra Time

Gives you 15 extra seconds in a time level. Unlocked on Level 27.

Party Popper Booster

This booster is used for all type of levels. This booster cannot be won in the Daily Booster Wheel or the sugar drop feature. After activating this booster, a piñata appears on the screen, two party poppers will blow out all candies and clear one layer of blockers (except some), similar to a cake bomb explosion. The piñata will give the player wrapped & striped candy, jelly fish and color bomb in random candies or blockers and they will go off immediately. Unlocked after completing Level 29. Piñata is an element in the game. It makes an appearance when the Party Popper Booster is used and gives a jelly fish, striped candy, wrapped candy and color bomb when detonated.

Striped & Wrapped Candy

When activated, a wrapped candy and striped candy will randomly spawn on the board at the start of the level (they can spawn next to each other). Unlocked on Level 35.

Striped Brush

It allows you to convert any regular candy into a Striped Candy. You can choose the directions of the stripes of the candy being converted. Unlocked on Level 37.

Sweet Teeth

It has the ability to eat every blocker in the game except chocolate spawners and popcorn. Unlocked on Level 52.

Bomb Cooler

Adds up 5 extra moves to each bomb counter on the board. It is activated during game play. Unlocked on Level 97.

Lucky Candy

Generate a random special candy or color candy. It cannot be mixed with another special candy however. It can also be produced from a mystery candy in candy order levels. Unlocked on Level 131.

Bubblegum Troll

When used, all the chocolate and locked chocolate is blown away, and it covers the chocolate spawners in bubblegum, preventing the chocolate from spawning for 5 moves. This is only usable in levels with chocolate spawners. Its appearance is a bubblegum monster. Unlocked on Level 156.

Extra Moves (+3)

Adds up 3 moves at the start of the level. Gift from friend.


Gives you 3 Lollipop Hammers, 3 Color Bombs, 3 Lucky Candies, 3 Striped & Wrapped combos, 3 Jelly Fish, 3 Coconut Wheels, and 3 Free Switch hands.