Candy Crush Saga Level 1628 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Candy Crush Saga Level 1628 Goals

    • 120 Seconds
    • Target: 1 star = 18,000 points, 2 star = 31,000 points and 3 star = 43,000 points

    Candy Crush Saga 1628 Tips And Cheats

    This level is medium. Break all chocolates, regular icing and icing blockers to get more space. Then collect keys to unlock sugar chest. Then collect extra time candies to get 5 seconds extra time. Then make special candies and combine special candies to reach the target. There is 1 UFO booster on the board, also use it to reach the target and to complete the level.

    Candy Crush Saga 1628 Walkthrough Video


    1. I find this. Level impossible on my iPad as I have to get 60,000 points in 2 minutes the most I’ve had up to now is 21,000 after a dozen attempts

    2. I play on my iPad and iPhone. I have to reach 60,000 points as well with very little extra time given. The max I can reach is o over 35,0000


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