Candy Crush Saga Level 1885 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Candy Crush Saga Level 1885 Goals

    • 45 Seconds
    • Target: 1 star = 20,000 points, 2 star = 30,000 points and 3 star = 50,000 points
    • Level Type: Medium

    Candy Crush Saga 1885 Tips And Cheats

    First break icing blockers and marmalade. Then collect extra time candies to get 5 seconds extra time. Then make special candies as many as you can and combine special candies to reach the target and to complete the level.

    Candy Crush Saga 1885 Walkthrough Video


    1. Hi. Please help. Level 1885 is really difficult. To get 35000 points in 35 seconds is impossible. I see its different from yours.which is 20000 points in 27 seconds. Please help.

    2. please help I’m really stuck on 1885 And I don’ have the same blocks and the same amount of score that you do you want me to get 35000 in 35 sec. And the video shows 20000 in 27 sec.


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