Candy Crush Saga Level 2080 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Candy Crush Saga Level 2080 Goals

    • 25 Moves
    • Clear 12 Double Jellies
    • Target: 1 star = 12,000 points, 2 star = 45,000 points and 3 star = 60,000 points
    • Level Type: Medium

    Candy Crush Saga 2080 Tips And Cheats

    Make special candies as many as you can and combine special candies to break all icing blockers, jellies and to complete the level.

    Candy Crush Saga 2080 Walkthrough Video


    1. Once again, its time you take a look at this level. It says you are to clear 12 jellies. Well think again, because some of them you have to hit them 3 times… so were looking at 26 jellies in 24 moves. Time to do something with this level to make it able to complete. I’m not sure why you people have to make it so hard. This is just a game… After 3 weeks of being on one level is no fun… Help now

    2. Too bad this solution is for the “OLD” 2080 level and is no longer valid. On 11/11/16, the “NEW” 2080 level has 2 time bomb generators that start dropping bombs after 1 move is made and continues dropping more bombs with each next move. This has made it almost impossible to solve this level.


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