Candy Crush Saga Level 2777 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Candy Crush Saga Level 2777 Goals

    • 22 Moves
    • Bring down 4 Cherries  Ingredients to the bottom
    • Target: 1 star = 60,000 points, 2 star = 90,000 points and 3 star = 120,000 points
    • Level Type: Medium

    Candy Crush Saga 2777 Tips And Cheats

    First break icing blockers as many as you can to collect more space. Then make special candies and combine special candies to break remaining icing blockers, all marmalade and to collect all keys to unlock sugar chest. Then play near ingredients to bring down all to the bottom to complete the level.

    Candy Crush Saga 2777 Walkthrough Video


    1. I’m at my wits end trying to get this level in 18 moves. All the videos all have 22 moves and they just barely get it with 1 move left. How do you expect the players to get it in 18? Give me a break. Sick to death of trying to play this game with an unfair playing field. Are our tech people qualified to either change the videos or give us the 22 moves. No tips here.

    2. I only have 18 moves…not 22 like it says here. Seems like I never have the right number of moves (less of course). I’m learning to look
      I first instead of playing the level for hours\days\ weeks and then checking. PLEASE SEND HELP SOON!!!!


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