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Monday, December 11, 2023

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is new game. It is a match-three puzzle video game currently having 800 levels. The levels are divided in episodes. The first episode have 5 levels, second episode have 10 levels and other episodes have 15 and 20 levels each. Each episodes have different items like Locked Chocolates, Chocolates, Honey Blockers, Jam, Ice Cube Blockers, Bubblegum, Liquorice Locks, Liquorice Swirls, Jelly Cake, Liquorice Links and others. There are different color candies like red jelly bean, orange lozenge, yellow lemon drop, green gum square, light blue (cyan) diamond shaped, dark blue lollipop head and purple jujube cluster.

The basic purpose of this game is to swipe position of two adjacent candies vertical or horizontal to create sets of 3 – 6 candies of same color to Spread Jam, to Find Bears, to Save Bears, to Pop Up Soda Bottles, to Eat Chocolates, to Chew Bubble Gum and to Get Bear above the Candy String. After the level is completed Sugar Crush is activated, it will give you additional points.

Each level have to be completed in given number of moves. Special candies can be made by combining 4 or 5 or 6 candies of same color in certain formation, such as “Striped” candy by combining 4 candies of same color in vertical or horizontal direction, “Wrapped” candy by combining 5 candies of same color in L or T shape, “Fish” candy by combining 4 candies of same color candies in square shape, “Color Bomb” candy by combining 5 candies of same color in vertical or horizontal direction and “Coloring” candy by combining 6 candies of same color in a straight line of 5 with, at least, one candy adjacent to the middle (3rd) candy in vertical or horizontal direction.

Level Types

Soda Level

You have to pop up all soda bottles in certain moves. Introduced in Level 1.

Frosting Level (Ice Cube Level)

You have find all bears in frosting (ice cube blockers) in certain moves. Introduced in Level 6.

Bubble Level

You have to bring all bears above the candy string in certain moves.  Introduced in Level 9.

Chocolate Level

You have to eat all chocolates in certain time. Introduced in Level 31.

Honey Level

You have to save all bears in honey in certain moves. Introduced in Level 76.

Bubble Gum Level

You have to chew all bubble gums in certain moves. Introduced in Level 166.

Jam Level

You have to spread all jam in certain moves. Introduced in Level 256.