Farm Heroes Saga Blockers


A blocker is very common element and main obstacle. They prevent a player from reaching cropies. All blockers in this game take up a square. Blockers are listed below:

Flower: It is special cropies that need to be fully bloomed to collect. Create 3 matches alongside to remove it. First appeared in Level 12.


Chicken Egg: It is special cropies. They can be hatched into chicks (with teeth) after stages of transformation. It takes two matches of the same stage to collect the chick. Matches of three or more whole eggs creates a cracked egg, and matching three of cracked eggs hatches a chick. First appeared in Level 27.





Ice: It freezes elements. If frozen elements are used as part of a match they will be unfrozen but the element(s) frozen will not be collected. The match however counts and the other cropsies will be removed. First Appeared in Level 32.


Bucket: Water buckets appear on the board usually when you need to collect water droplets. The buckets are provided as a way to replenish a board with the droplets. It requires 3 different matches alongside. When it happens, you will receive 4 water drops on different spots on the board. First appeared in Level 56.


Grumpy Cropies:  It may look similar to a normal cropies, except that it looks angry, and has splotches of mud and a pink glow surrounding it. Using it as part of a match will cancel it out, therefore the player will not score any points. If a grumpy cropies falls into grass, it will cheer up and turn into a normal cropies. First appeared in Level 71.










Alligator Egg: It is special cropies. They can be hatched into alligators (with teeth) after stages of transformation. It takes two matches of the same stage to collect the chick. An extra match of three of them is required to create a normal alligator egg, with the collection process becoming the same as you would to a Chicken Egg. First appeared in Level 101.







Rob the Rabbit: He will pop up on a carrot removing it. The carrot which he will steal is not only normal one, but also grumpy and bomb counterpart. He will then go underground for one move to eat it. If any match is done next to Rob, he will be dazed above ground for three moves and not move. First appeared in Level 116.


Slime: It transforms all cropsies that pass though it into grumpys. The only way to turn them back is to make them land in grass. First appeared in Level 131.


Grass Seed: It almost look like onions and act as a special game element. Together with a Water Droplets they will create grass on that square and its four neighboring spots (horizontal and vertical). They can also convert other environments like hay, ice, snow and slime into grass. First appeared in Level 161.


Hen: Match near hen, it will jump on the board randomly and lay the eggs. First appeared in Level 191.


Bomb: They are like the normal cropsies but have a countdown number on them. Once this number has reached zero they will explode and destroy a maximum of 5 Cropies of random type. To prevent this you will have to do a match or throw a water droplets by buckets at them. First appeared in Level 236.










Cobweb: It is similar to ice. Cobwebs can be created by spiders. The creation of a cobweb may be delayed for one move, during this period you cannot chase the spider. The Magic Shovel will remove a cobweb. Blockers in a cobweb need to be advanced to remove it. There is a maximum amount of 8 cobwebs next to each spider. First appeared in Level 266.


Spider: They are always surrounded by cobwebs. They are present at a start of a level and need to be chased out of their nest by breaking the cobwebs and then touching them with a match then the nest will be destroyed. There are levels where the spiders are moving into empty nests after being chased. On levels with multiple spiders and multiple nests the goal consists in destroying all nests on the board. First appeared in Level 266.


Snow: It makes cropies (including grumpy or bomb variant) or egg to snowball. Especially, snow has an effect like green to Cropies for mushroom. First appeared in Level 311.


Snowball: It is snow covered cropies which cannot be noted. They cannot be matched, either. If a match takes place close to a snowball then the snow will be removed and unveil a regular cropies. There are cold squares which convert cropsies into snowballs. With the help of seeds cold squares can be converted into grass. Shuffling makes the situation even worse because some of the remaining Cropies will be put on cold patches and be converted into even more snowballs.First appeared in Level 311.


Firecracker: To ignite them, 3 matches are needed next to them and upon ignition, they pop themselves into 4 sparks that hit 4 spots on the field. If one of the sparks hit a cropies that is a required resource in a stage, that specific cropies will be collected, otherwise it would just make the cropies disappear. Each of these sparks also have the same effect a Magic Shovel does (crack eggs, grow flowers, fills water buckets, make chickens lay eggs, open up oysters as well as breaking ice, snowballs and spider webs, with the exception of hitting Frogs and Rob the Rabbit). First appeared in Level 356.


Frog: It will move and then eat some cropies of the same color if you make a match next to them. They are hungrier than rabbits. Sometimes they eat cropies or bombs that you don’t need and in this case they are helpful. They may stir up dead areas and cause useful matches. Otherwise they aren’t your friends. Frogs cannot be moved and will eventually prevent a possible match. They may destroy advanced eggs. First appeared in Level 401.







Sheep: You have to guide some sheep onto a square of hay. Make a match next to a sheep to move it forward to the square of the switch. It is possible to move more than one sheep with a single match. First appeared in Level 431.


Hay Seed: It create hay and the playing mechanisms are the same. However, unlike with grass, hay will only be created on that single square. It will provide food for sheep and black sheep. First appeared in Level 461.


Firefly: It is are nasty bugs that need 2 matches to open their wings. One match more and they will close again. When all flies have opened their wings they will all fly away and score at the same time. It’s not possible to score a single firefly. First appeared in Level 491.







Flower Seed: It create flowers and the playing mechanisms are the same. Like hay seed, it will create only one flower on that square. First appeared in Level 586.


Oyster: On a regular farm, you wouldn’t expect to see any oysters. Farm Heroes however puts oysters next to carrots. Oysters need to be opened by 2 sequential matches next to them. They will close again if the 2nd match doesn’t happen. First appeared in Level 626.


Bull: It comes together with Poppy Flower. It run against other blockers and will advance them 1 or 2 stages. To initiate a run you have to match next to them. It can be stopped by sheep. It mostly remove normal Cropies on their way without scoring (like a tractor). It will always destroy bomb cropies when running over them.  First appeared in Level 706.


Poppy Flower: It comes together with Bull. It has only one stage and will vanish. It can be destroyed exclusively by bulls. Then cannot be moved. First appeared in Level 706.


Black Sheep: It are guided just like normal sheep. However, unlike the normal sheep, black sheep eat the hay they are stepping on, so you are unable to guide more than one black sheep on the same spot, unless you plant a hay seed on the same place. First appeared in Level 806.


River: It carries logs to transport Cropies. First appeared in Level 851.


Raft: It It carries movable object like cropies, egg, or firecracker every move across the river. It move one step forward with every completed move done by the player. Usually they move clockwise or to the right. First appeared in Level 851.


Baby Mushroom: It will will split into 2 babies instead of getting a bonus when a match takes place next to them. Adult mushrooms drop down and can be collected like Cropies. Bonuses from special matches are added. Baby mushrooms will grow into adults within one move. Baby mushrooms will not move, cannot be removed by a Magic Shovel and neither can they be matched. They can be moved by a match of cropies. Adult mushrooms can be collected by a Color Collector but not by a Tractor. First appeared in Level 491.