Farm Heroes Saga


Farm Heroes Saga is a match-three puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga currently having more than 1300 levels. The levels are divided in episodes. The first episode have 10 levels  and other episodes have 15 levels each. There are different crops like carrots, purple onions, yellow sun flowers, green apples, red strawberries and blue water droplets.

farm-heroes-saga-carrot-crop farm-heroes-saga-onion-crop farm-heroes-saga-strawberry-crop











The basic purpose of this game is to swipe position of two adjacent candies vertical or horizontal to create sets of 3 – 5 crops of same crops to Collect Crops, to Defeat Rancid the raccoon to unlock next episodes, to Unlock Different Animals and to Collect Crops & Animals. After the level is completed Hero Mode enabling bonus to collect more crops to boost your score through careful use of the remaining moves.

There are different goals in each level such as to collect different number of crops, to defeat Rancid the raccoon to unlock next episodes or to unlock different animals to get different rewards such as booster that can be used in different levels by combining 4 or 5 crops in certain formation, combining 4 crops in vertical or horizontal direction, combining 5 crops in L or T shape, will give you bonus to that crops which you have to collect it.