Farm Heroes Saga Level 106 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 106 Goals

    • 40 Moves
    • Collect 8 Flowers
    • Collect 50 Onions
    • Collect 20 Water Droplets
    • Collect 50 Strawberries

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 106 Tips

    As the difficulty level of this round is easy, in this level you have to collect the required resources before moves run out, for collecting the flower first you have to bloom that flower for blooming the flower make a match near to it it will bloom then break any cropsies near to it for collecting do same for rest of the flowers, as in this level some of the cropsies are locked in ice blockers so first break hem then you will be able for collecting, as for water drop you have to make match near  the water bucket it will scattered water droplet at random part of the board.

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 106 Walkthrough Video


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