Farm Heroes Saga Level 17 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 17 Goals

    • 20 Moves
    • Collect 6 Flowers
    • Collect 26 Apples
    • Collect 26 Strawberries
    • Collect 26 Onions

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 17 Tips

    This level is tricky as you have to collect many resources, in this level you have to collect required resources includes 26 strawberries, 26 apples, 6 flowers and 26 onions before moves run out, you have 10 moves for swapping,use same trick for flower as you used in above levels, start this from center where you swap strawberries with apples this will grow 2 flowers at a time, make smart matches because you have not much moves in hand.

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 17 Walkthrough Video


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