Farm Heroes Saga Level 5 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 5 Goals

    • 14 Moves
    • Collect 30 Apples
    • Collect 20 Strawberries
    • Collect 20 Suns
    • Collect 20 Water Droplets

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 5 Tips

    This level is easy, in this  you have to collect required resources includes 30 apples, 20 strawberries, 20 suns and 20 water before moves run out, when you unlocked this level shovel booster automatically unlocked, this shovel can help you collect any lonely resources first click on shovel then click on any lonely resources which you want when you have no matches or difficult to find out , Start this level from left side by swapping the strawberry  which makes matches of sun.


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 5 Walkthrough Video


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