Farm Heroes Saga Level 703 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 703 Goals

    • 18 moves
    • Collect 1 Chick
    • Collect 55 Onions
    • Collect 70 Carrots
    • Collect 70 Strawberries

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 703 Tips and Cheats

    This level is medium. First collect your required cropsies as much as you can. Fire crackers and bombs will fall down on the board. Then match cropsies near fire crackers, once it is activated,  it will scatter on board and it will help you to collect cropsies or light other fire crackers or remove bombs or it will help hen to jump on main board. Then match cropsies near hens, it will jump on the board and lay the eggs. Then collect chicks, by combining 3 unhatched eggs will give you 1 hatched eggs. Combine 3 hatched eggs to collect 1 chick. After your goals is completed, Hero Mode will enable in remaining moves and will give bonus on required cropsies.

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 703 Walkthrough Video


    1. Que bonitas cosas pretynsan,eo soy veterinaria y me gustaría me dieran una idea para ocupar y reciclar los pequeños frascos que desechamos de cada vacuna que aplicamos a perros y gatos,aún no se me ocurre nada,gracias por su ayuda y Felicidades!


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