Farm Heroes Saga Level 745 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 745 Goals

    • 20 Moves
    • Collect 10 Flowers
    • Collect 75 Apples
    • Collect 75 Carrots
    • Collect 75 Strawberries

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 745 Tips and Cheats

    This level is medium. First try to fill water buckets, so that it over flows and scattered on center of the board, to bloom flowers. Then match cropsies near flowers, so that it blooms quickly. The collect required cropsies by matching 4-5 cropsies. After your goals is completed, Hero Mode will enable in remaining moves and will give bonus on required cropsies.

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 745 Walkthrough Video


    1. Why does it say 20 moves and I only get 16? I may retire from This saga I used to enjoy 14 out of 16 moves and not once in the week i been playing this level did i EVER get a single match next to the flowers 🙁


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