Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 231 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 231


    • 20


    • You have to collect more 4 Monklings than Liquorice Larry!


    • 1 star = 15,000 points
    • 2 star = 35,000 points
    • 3 star = 48,000 points

    Level Type:

    • Medium


    Break liquorice swirls as many and cupcake blockers as you can and collect 8 orange candies to make one monkling. Then make special candies as many as you can, you will get extra turn after making every special candy. Then combine special candies to break more liquorice swirls, cupcake blockers and to collect more orange candies to make more monklings. Then play near monklings to bring down all below the candy string and to collect all monklings then Liquorice Larry first.

    Liquorice Swirl One Layered Cupcake
    Lollipop Hammer Striped Lollipop Hammer
    Color Bomb Lollipop Hammer Wrapped Lollipop Hammer
    Other Features
    Liquorice Swirl & Candy Cannon
    Special Candies
    Fish Candy Striped Candy Wrapped Candy
    Color Bomb Coloring Candy Combination

    Walkthrough Video:


    1. I’m taking a different approach than learning how to “cheat” to win the game. I want to know why the programmer feels it necessary to give the computer a lot of advantages so an individual has a very hard time finishing the level without powerups. Here is a game where you compete against the computer. The computer gets a full playing field on his side of the board so there is a full row of candies to remove. But, then, the programmer decides that you should start with a complete row of spacers that have to be removed before you will see any candies in that row. Why the ridiculous handicap for the player??? Also, just in case the player MIGHT get ahead of the computer, the programmer puts in a very low number of turns which generally runs out if you are even close to winning the game. Yes–anything can be won without the powerups, but the frustration level for the player who is trying to win this particular game without powerups is indescribable.


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