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Candy Crush Saga Other Features / Secondary Element

Candy Crush Saga Other Features or Secondary Elements are the board element of secondary function, and they are introduced later in the game (usually introduced officially on episode openers). They are not the primary idea of the game, and are not introduced in tutorial or beginner episodes, and they have many interesting properties to make gameplay more interesting. This term especially refers to such elements not considered as a blocker.

Much like blockers, non-blocker secondary elements can take one or more of the following functions:

  • Transport candies from one place to another.
  • Spawning certain elements and blockers.
  • Moving candies.
  • Altering the nature of candies every turn.

Like blockers, most of these elements individually take up one space. However, many of these elements have additional rules on the amount and where they can be located. Some, like teleporters, must occur in pairs to function properly, while others, such as the dispenser, must occur at an empty tile above a space to dispense items. Others almost always appear in groups, such as the conveyor belt. You should also note that most of these elements, unlike blockers, are permanent throughout the level.

These elements, like blockers, add to the challenge of the game by manipulating the nature of the board, the candies, and where new elements spawn.


Teleporter is one of the secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. Teleporters are used to transport candies, moveable blockers and ingredients/Gummi Dragons from one area to another. There are two types of teleporters, which are dependent on each other. The blue circle is where candies and movable blockers go through, and the pink circle is where they come out. First appeared in Level 10.


UFO is one of the special candies and secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. The UFO can be activated by switching it with any adjacent candy, or via the effects of special candies. However, it cannot be switched with liquorice swirls or ingredients. First appeared in Level 133.

Candy Cannon

Candy Cannon (also well known as a dispenser) is one of the secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. It releases liquorice swirlscandy bombssugar keys, or other elements to the board when the candies below it are removed.

Liquorice Swirl Cannon

It will spawn liquorice swirl after certain moves. First appeared in Level 216.

Compound Cannon

It will spawn any combination of: Ingredients, candy types (sugar keylucky candystriped candywrapped candycolor bombjelly fish) and blockers (liquorice swirlcandy bombtoffee swirlsugar coat). First appeared in Level 217.

Ingredient Cannon

It will spawn ingredient after certain moves. First appeared in Level 221.

Candy Bomb Cannon

It will spawn candy bomb after certain moves. First appeared in Level 261.

Lucky Candy Cannon

It will spawn lucky candy after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 2032.

Striped Candy Cannon

It will spawn striped candy after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 2346.

Wrapped Candy Cannon

It will spawn wrapped candy after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 2346.

Toffee Swirl Cannon

It will spawn toffee-swirl after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 3507.

Color Bomb Cannon

It will spawn color bomb after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 4946.

Jelly fish Cannon

It will spawn jelly fish after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 4946.

Sugar Coat Cannon

It will spawn sugar coat after certain moves one at a time. First appeared in Level 4946.

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt (also known as the travelator) is one of the secondary elements and also another type of teleporter in Candy Crush Saga. It can be seen as another type of teleporter (vertical or horizontal). It can be seen as row or column of arrows pointing in the same direction with portals (red, green, or blue) at either end. The portals are linked to each other so when a candy exits through one portal, it will appear through other portal on start of another conveyor belt, to form conveyor belt system. After every move, candies on conveyor belt will move one space in direction of arrows. Chocolate cannot cover candies on a conveyor belt. The only negative outcomes that can come out of Mystery Candy opened on a belt are swirls and bombs and any possible outcome will not be in marmalade. First appeared in Level 306.

Sugar Keys

Sugar Key is one of the special candies and secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. It always occurs in conjunction with a sugar chest. Collecting a sugar key causes all sugar chests on the board to lose one layer. Sugar keys are key-shaped candies, with the exact same properties as regular candies except that they affect sugar chests upon collection. However, they cannot be combined with any features special candies or other secondary elements. Sugar keys come in different colors, like a normal candy.  First appeared in Level 486.

Candy Frog

Candy Frog is one of the special candies and secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. One of the unique things about the candy frog is that it does not disappear when matched, nor is it affected by gravity (i.e. if a space below it is empty, it will remain in place and candies from either side will drop into the gap. The candy frog is movable, however, and can be moved to make normal matches with other candies of its own color, or to combine with other special candies. First appeared in Level 531.