Farm Heroes Saga Level 734 Tips And Walkthrough Video


    Farm Heroes Saga Level 734 Goals

    • 20 Moves
    • Collect 1 Spiders
    • Collect 1 Sheep
    • Collect 90 Apples
    • Collect 90 Onions

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 734 Tips and Cheats

    This level is medium. Fry to match break spider webs. Then match cropsies near spider, as spider will jump to other web. It will make webs on near cropsies. Then break spider webs again. Then match cropsies near spider again, to collect it. Then match cropsies near sheep, it will jump at that spot where the match was finished. Move sheep to hay patches to collect it. Then collect required cropsies by matching 4-5 cropsies. After your goals is completed, Hero Mode will enable in remaining moves and will give bonus on required cropsies.

    Farm Heroes Saga Level 734 Walkthrough Video


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